Stigen til paradis

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Stigen til paradis ikon fra Katarina-klosteret fra 1200-tallet

Stigen til paradis er et ikonografisk motiv brukt i kirkekunst.

Sitat The symbolic ascent to heaven is customarily portrayed by the flight skyward with angelic wings; one of our saints, however, depicts the ascension by the more practical use of a ladder. This symbolic ladder is to be scaled in a series of spiritual rungs where increasingly more exertion is required in order to see the Kingdom of God. The author of this approach was St. John of the Ladder who was one of the greatest writers in Christianity. “The Ladder of Perfection” is a treatise on spiritual exercises and actions, which present in a brilliant and scholarly fashion and approach to the throne of Heaven. Sitat


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Stigen til paradis fra Sucevita kloster
Foto: Nina Aldin Thune